Hunters Biomedical

Who We Are

Hunters Biomedical, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMR Support Group, LLC. Hunters Biomedical is a software and services company with a primary focus on biomedical services. Our executive leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in supporting healthcare organization biomedical services. Our primary software and services functions are providing maintenance and support for biomedical devices, consulting, and JCAHO reporting – including a tailored policy and procedures manual and participation on a safety board.

Competitive Advantage

At Hunters Biomedical, our nimble corporate structure and operations team creates an environment of razor thin overhead costs, and in result, allows us to deliver the most competitive pricing for our services. Our technical competency and service quality is unmatched. In an industry where a technician has to support 2000+ devices, our technicians offer a more hands-on approach by monitoring approximately 800 devices. This offers an enhanced level of expertise across the board and greatly improves the quality of our services.

Mission Statement

At Hunters Biomedical we are not in the business of creating client/vendor relationships, we’re devoted to building lasting partnerships. This ideology is instilled in every employee from top to bottom. We actively pursue opportunities that are not only mutually beneficial for all parties involved, but our primary goal is for our clients to expect a unique partnership through mutual collaboration. Given the fact our principal mission statement is excellence in patient care, our core values center around alleviating any and all pain points and headaches by providing exceptional client care and support, leaving the most important job of savings patients’ lives in the hands of the qualified staff. Going above and beyond the expectations of all of our partners is the reason for our impressive and continued growth and is the cornerstone of our vision for the future.

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